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A Canadian-Brit living in the Deep South with an English legal education, Canadian manners, and a mountain-dweller's sense of adventure. Excellent communication skills developed through research projects and public speaking events for Human Rights charities in Law school, and 6 years in the field of Capital Defense in Mississippi and Georgia.
Rachael successfully headed a research group of 20 people in 2011 to produce 3 chapters of a death penalty statistical research publication for Amicus-alj. In 2012 her 12,000 word dissertation was published in two separate legal journals and commended by her university as first class writing and research. Through her almost six years in Capital Defense Rachael has been in charge of intricate case research, interviewing witnesses, and various types of reports such as social histories and persuasive writing documents to leverage her research for plea deals in death penalty cases which resulted in a 100% success rate (no death sentences) during her time in the field.
Rachael has a keen interest in not only law and politics, but also in the great outdoors, travel, planning, camping, hiking, and wood working - all of which are personal hobbies. Rachael spent 2 months backpacking Europe on a shoestring budget in 2011 in which she visited 11 countries on her own. She has also helps her husband with his construction and remodeling business from time to time doing such things as painting, tiling, refinishing furniture, and advising on interior design. In her down time Rachael enjoys daily hikes with her two dogs and is looking forward to becoming a mother in August of 2018.
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University of Plymouth, Law LLB
Clarkesville, GA 30523, USA|English

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Official blogger for Amicus-alj from September 2012 to March 2013 during a 6 month internship with the office of Capital Defense in Jackson, Mississippi.


A research paper analyzing the use of the Death Penalty for non-triggerman accomplices in the US (second publication).

Rachael Walsh: Finding human truths in the face of the death penalty

An interview about the role of a mitigation specialist, the operation of the death penalty in the US, and the reality of working in the field.

March, 1 2015
Rachael Walsh - I thought I wasn't smart enough to go to university

A promotional video to encourage High School Students in England to think outside the box when applying to University and consider less conventional career paths.

November, 18 2015
PDF upload
Felony murder Issue 33 10-26.pdf

A research paper analyzing the use of the death penalty in the US to execute non-triggerman accomplices.

October, 26 2012
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