Rachel Hartman

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

A writer specializing in finance, business, lifestyle, and travel topics.

I'm a writer with a degree in Business Administration and more than 10 years of experience creating high-quality content for top U.S. clients.

I specialize in breaking down topics into an easy-to-read style that fulfills the interests of all involved. I am able to listen, draft, and edit in a way that helps the client's message shine through. I have covered topics such as small business, entrepreneurship, start-ups, personal finance, private equity, real estate, homes, management, and productivity in both articles and blogs. In addition, I have created the text for e-books, infographics, case studies, survey summaries, and more. I have penned thought leadership copy for household names, including Wall Street firms, a major U.S. bank, and an international accounting firm, among others.

I have written content for top agencies such as Pace and G3 Communications/Content4Demand.

I have experience ghostwriting articles, blog posts, and other copy-related content. I am able to delve into the perspective and objectives of clients, and deliver material that appeals to their target audience and moves readers. I can write in a tone that portrays the desired voice, style, or person. Some of the material I have written has been used by NASDAQ, Wells Fargo, Capital One, and many others.

I wrote a biography, titled "Watching Over Me," that was published in 2016. Here is a link to it: https://www.amazon.com/Watching-Over-Me-World-Survival/dp/0983100942/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531254043&sr=8-1&keywords=watching+over+me+rachel+hartman

I'm a weekly contributor to U.S. News and World Report. Some of my other article credits include The Costco Connection, Wells Fargo Conversations, Pizza Today, Parents, Parenting and many others. My work has appeared on FOXBusiness.com, Yahoo!Finance, Realtor.com, NewHomeSource.com, Bankrate.com, NASDAQ.com and MSN Money.

I am able to meet deadlines, am flexible to accommodate clients' schedules, and am a team player. I can generate ideas and adapt the tone to fit clients' objectives and goals.

I am originally from the Midwest. I spent many years in Mexico and now live in Miami, Florida.
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Article, Blog Post, Case Study, Checklist, Ebook, Guide, Infographic, Interview, Whitepaper, Ad/Promotional Copy
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DeVry University, Business Administration
Miami, FL, USA|Languages

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