Rafael Simonyan

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer

- 3d Generalist -

I’m looking to provide services in high-end product design, cinematic, advertising and media directed asset creation.

As a freelancer, I've worked on different projects for individuals as well as companies, varying in
complexity and requirements. Usually working on:

- 3d product visualizations and animations.
- 3d modeling for 3d printing, prototyping, mold making/manufacturing.
- Creating custom 3d game assets for Unreal Engine, Unity and other engines.

• Polygonal/Sub-d modeling, sculpting, retopology
• UV mapping, PBR texturing
• Product Design
• 3d Product Visualization
• Animation
• Rigging (bone and pose morph)
• Facial Motion Capture
• Other
Content Types
Case Study, Video, Graphic, Presentation, Infographic, Motion Graphic, Illustration, Animation, Corporate Photo, General Photo, News Photography, Studio Photography, Product Photography, Corporate Video, Product Video, Explainer Video, Social Video, Commercial, News Video, General Video
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Yerevan, Armenia|English, Armenian, Japanese, Russian

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