Ralph Zalamea

Ghostwriter, Photographer, Writer

Life will never be the same, if you already found your passion and motivation. Love for all, hate for none :)

A boy who wants the world to know about his potential in writing fan fiction novels. Looking for something worth the time and to help enhance own skills in both writing and candid photoshoots. You can say I'm a bit of a classic type when it comes to writing, but nonetheless, an expert in doing so. And since, we are stuck at home during this pandemic, I want to share my stories and fanfic novels for you all. A script writer also comes in my talent, all of it are based on my experience. At a very young age, I can say that I almost experience a lot. Likes to review products to help people be aware of the products that they are going to buy through a simple video or blog. Loves to eat and travel.
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Candid Photography, Product Description, Recipe, Live Event
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Asian Institute of Computer Studies, Graduate of Computer Science
Advanced Competencies Technological Manpower Academy, Graduate of AutoCAD

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