Rasta Smith

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Writer


I love to do research and provide resources for everyone to enjoy. I have a gift as an graphic artist to create anything you can imagine. I have become a teacher and instructor due remote learning during these times. Here is my educational background. Teacher at Microsoft
Service Technician at TurboTax
Teacher at Facebook App
Teacher at Google
Chief executive officer at Concrete Faith Illustrated
Assembly Operator at Noble metals
Former Reverend at Refreshing Fountains - COGIC
Former Technical support at Dell
Former Armed Security Guard at Cook Nuclear Plant
Former CNC Machine Operator (Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Operator) at Robert Bosch Automotive
Studied Business Administration at New York University
Studied Adobe Photoshop ; Illustrator at Adobe for Education
Studied Graphic design at Western Michigan University
Studied website design at Southwestern Michigan College
Studied Graphic Art Design at Lake Michigan College
I have passion to give powerful life changing information and educational resources in technology. Just want to help educate everyone in all phases of life. I love to continue this passion with everyone.
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Lake Michigan College, Associates in Graphic Design
Florida International Seminary, Associates in Theology

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