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Write Compelling copies for Business, Engineering Products & Services

I have 14+ years of Experience in design, Value analysis, and Cost down in Mechanical Engineering Automotive, HVAC, and Medical Domain. I have progressed my career from a contract machine operator to an efficient Mechanical engineering Team lead now, but to pursue my dream as a writer, I quit my current job to help to grow my clients' businesses with the power of my words.

I am new to the Copywriting world...But, I am learning Copywriting with some of the great Copywriters' books, YouTube learning videos, and their great sales copies.....

My Writing experience PoV,

For the past 2+ years with the deep passion in writing I have written Articles, Posts, Contents, replies in Social media (FB, LinkedIn) in various topics such as Politics, Wellbeing, Humanity, Leadership & Management, Science, Technology, Entertainment, Culture, Moral Beliefs and so on...projecting the best outcome of an individual, process, strategy through some of my real-life examples to persuade the audience interest.

Some of the projects I am working currently as a Freelancer (Testimonials can be provided after lockdown with their approvals)

1. A simple sale copy and a service strategy for a Saloon Owner to help to his maximum throughput.
2. Improvement suggestion with my copy for a local Toast master's club for their Rs7500 worth of 8-week "Speechcraft program"
3. Writing a sale copy for a 100+ years old Fortune company for their Valve product portfolio
4. Improvement suggestion of a current Website for a successful Engineering Services Private company

My Preposition
Professional writing in compelling copies, articles, posts, blogs increase product or service value. My great capacity is I can compare two identical items research the need, advantage, disadvantage, and show whoever is best than rest. Yes, plenty of people can offer this service but how I am differentiating others from my services is speed and effectiveness.

My Service Offer:
I will charge $10 / hour - fixed (which means actual writing and fine-tuning time, Prework and Research time excluded)
For 5 hours task $50 (2.5 hours Review + 2.5 hours review update - 1st iteration) Free of charge, for every next review & iteration $10/hour to be charged

For 10 hours task $100 (2.5 hours 2 Reviews + 2.5 hours 2 review updates - 2 iteration) Free of charge, for every next review & iteration $10/hour to be charged

I am happy to write for free for the very first copy if you like to get some confidence and credibility in my writing - 2 hours, for every review & iteration $10/hour to be charged.

Please connect me, If you think my skills and knowledge can help you out for your task and solve your specific problem.
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Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical, Masters in Manufacturing Management
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India|English, Tamil

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