Razwana Wahid

Copywriter: Sales copy that sells (with personality)

It isn't just about getting clients, it's about clients that get *you*.

See what my clients are saying:

"Before you wrote my Facebook ad and sales page, I had 2 people register to webinar. After you wrote the copy, I had 72. Just ... wow"

"Razwana is essentially a mind-reader and was able to capture the exact message I wanted to convey to my audience, and in my own voice! She produced catchy taglines, persuasive and creative copy almost overnight."

"I absolutely LOVE my new about page! It gets right to the point and explains my mission in a casual and fun tone. It tells my readers a little bit about me, but not too much like I had before!"

You product or service is exactly what your customers need. You're struggling to communicate this to them in a way that makes them more than excited to invest in your product or service. In short: your sales page and emails aren't converting to sales.

I help you sell your product or service through your sales pages and emails, with the added bonus of using your voice, connecting with the emotions of the customer, whilst having a ton of fun (that's a minimum).

When working with you, my one and only purpose us this:

Getting your customers to take action.

This can be to buy your product/service, opt into your offer, share your page on social media, register for your webinar or get in touch with you.

For these conversions to happen, I write:

Sales pages (long form and short form)
Landing pages
Website pages (About, Home, Contact, Services)
Email marketing (one off, sales campaign, or an autoresponder series)

The copy I write isn't just about communicating the benefits of your product. It hits your customers in the heart - because once this opens, so does their wallet.

It's about connecting to their emotions - the real reason why they're buying.

And this? Helps you communicate your brand in a way that's fun (no more dull corporate talk), get the sales you want and need, and crates loyal customers.

Next steps:

Why don't we have a call to see if we're a good fit? Hit the green 'contact' button and let's arrange a 15 minute call on Skype.

Talk to you soon !
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