Rebecca Nanako Nance


Tech + Wellness Freelance Writer

I am an experienced freelance writer specializing in B2C tech and wellness topics! I am certified in content marketing and can produce search-engine-friendly and social-media-friendly content that fits your brand!
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Article, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Regent University, English Literature
Greenbelt, MD, USA|English

Published Content

Forget The Royal Wedding—Get Ready To Walk Down The Aisle With The GDPR

2018 brought us a huge change in terms of data protection, and businesses of all shapes and sizes need to know how it will affect their future success.

May, 24 2018
The Doctor Is In, And Her Name Is TECH

How today's technology is keeping us well.

February, 4 2019
Texting On The Toilet: The Addiction To Technology & Three Ways to Break It

Why we as tech-addicted consumers feel the need to text on the toilet, and how it's affecting our wellness.

November, 12 2017
Read This Before Downloading That New App

In today's app-happy world, many of us don't think about the safety of an application before downloading onto our phones and devices. Here's why you SHOULD think twice about the next application you purchase...your safety depends on it.

August, 23 2018
Are You Smarter Than Your Jeans? These “Smart” Clothes Have Something To Say About Your Data Privacy

Here's an in-depth look into the world of "smart clothes" and how it's affecting your data privacy.

October, 3 2018
Rock-A-Bye, Techie: How Nature And Technology Will Help You Sleep Better

We all need sleep, and today's tech gadgets are helping us rest more and improve our overall wellness.

April, 4 2018
Five Reasons Why You’re Feeling #done
June, 28 2017
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