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Experienced Journalist with Bylines in The Atlantic, Glamour, Real Simple, The Washington Post, and more!

My name is Rebecca Renner, and I can write about anything! My journalism has appeared in The Atlantic, Glamour, Real Simple, and The Washington Post. I have also done content writing for globally recognized brands like Kenmore and Jameson Irish Whiskey. I turn in spotless copy every time, so you can count on me to tell your story and make it sing.
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Article, Blog Post, Direct Mail, Ebook, Guide, Presentation, Press Release, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Social Copy
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Stetson University, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
Boca Raton, FL, USA|English

Published Content

I grew up valuing purity and virginity. Today, it’s left me with feelings of shame.
August, 3 2018
Yes, We Need Men to Change For The MeToo Movement to Work

An article about the tricky dynamics between men and women in the workplace.

February, 5 2018
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Airport Advertising Influences Frequent Flyers

An article about how airport advertising is so helpful to companies, because travelers' dwell time allows them to experience advertisements for longer periods of time.
9 Books that Will Make Your Plane Ride Go Faster

The best books to read while you fly!

August, 30 2018
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Experiencing Life in HEL - Inside Helsinki Airport's Disruptiving Advertising Campaign

Inside Helskini Airport's disruptive advertising campaign.

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Air Hollywood

A description of the Air Hollywood business and attraction with interview soundbites from the CEO.
Why Toxic Algae Keeps Coming Back to Florida
July, 18 2018
How to Stop Toxic Algae From Overwhelming Florida's Largest Lake
July, 25 2018
Trash Islands Are Still Taking Over the Oceans at an Alarming Rate
March, 8 2018
Please Stop Telling Poor People to Leave Their Homes
September, 14 2018
My Old Man and the Sea – Electric Literature
December, 7 2017
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