Rebecca Rocha

Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

A witty mom, wife and nature lover from Oregon

I am a down to earth gal trying to navigate my way through motherhood and daily life with a mix of humor and realism. I have a background in Communication Studies and am obsessed with human behavior and interaction. I love writing about tips for busy parents, traveling, and topics surrounding the home including; house hunting, building a house and keeping things organized. I also enjoy writing about outdoor survival skills, relationships, friendships and mental health issues. At my core I'm a nurturer and am always available with a listening ear or encouraging advice. I love all things nature; camping, hiking, fishing, and getting back to the basics of how we connect and rely on our surroundings. I'd consider myself a life-long learner and am always interested in discovering more and writing on new topics as well!
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Article, Blog Post, Website Copy, Interview, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Email Newsletter, Page Layout, Live Event, Candid Photography, Recipe, Checklist
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CSULB, BA Communication Studies
SJSU, MA Communication Studies
Medford, OR, USA|English

Published Content

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