Rebekah Joan

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter

Freelance Writer with 4 Years of Blogging Experience

With a creative mind and expertise in English, I can craft the content you need with ease.

I have 4 years of lifestyle blogging experience. That gives me plenty of knowledge with SEO, article writing, and editing. I'm well-versed in social media best practices.

The topics I'm most knowledgeable in are:
-Health and wellness
-Social media
Content Types
Candid Photography, Headshot, Article, Recipe, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Erie, PA, USA|English

Published Content

Blog Post
My Top 4 Christian Magazines for Inspiration
September, 16 2017
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How To Look At The New Year With Hope
January, 5 2016
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How to De-stress after a Long Day
July, 9 2017
What I’ve Learned about Time Management
August, 25 2017
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5 Ways to Up Your Dinner Party Game

A list of tips to assist in hosting a better dinner party.

March, 24 2018
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4 Reasons Why We Need Each Other
July, 21 2016
4 Reasons It's Time to Find a Different Job

This was a piece meant to pull on the readers emotions and help them crawl out of a feeling of hopelessness.

October, 17 2018
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