Rebekkah Ford

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer, Developmental Editor

Story Writer (I can tell your story| Author| Blogger| Ghostwriter| Social Media Management| Publisher

Rebekkah has 8 years of social media management, moderating accounts, professional writing experience, and content marketing. She's spearheaded book campaigns on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. She's managed and maintained a social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Instagram, and blog accounts. She also updated social media accounts, designed, created, and managed web-based campaigns. She's an award-winning author, story writer, a blogger, ghostwriter, publisher, and freelance writer. Proficient in Hootsuite, Twitter, Canva, Dropbox, Pinterest, Pizap, WordPress, and Blogger.
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Case Study, Video, Graphic, Email Newsletter, Live Event, General Photo, General Video, Recipe, Checklist
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