Reedwan Abrahams

Graphic Designer

Unitatis: Restoring Unity

I am engaging, stimulating communicator, poised and capable of projecting enthusiasm and warmth, and of motivating other people.

I have a strong sense of urgency, initiative and competitive drive to get things done, with emphasis on working with and through people in the process. I understand people well and uses that understanding effectively in influencing and persuading others to act.

Impatient for results and particularly impatient with details and routines, I am a confident and venturesome "doer" and decision-maker who will delegate details and can also delegate responsibility and authority when necessary. I am a self-starter who can also be skillful at training and developing others. I apply pressure for results, but in doing so, my style is more "selling" than "telling".

I come from a strong background of Digital Publishing. I've designed various digital corporate documents for different clients.

I am a passionate Chef, I love to spend time in the kitchen, it's my place of Zen.
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Presentation, General Photo, Landing Page, General Video, Page Layout, Graphic
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Damelin , Diploma in Digital Publishing
Johannesburg, South Africa|English

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