Refka Zoughlami

Developmental Editor, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer, Content Strategist, Ghostwriter

Real life begins when you change your road map.

Refka Zoughlami is a Freelance Writer and who helps finance professionals and Fin-tech startups build an audience and get more paying clients online.

Before starting a writing business, Refka spent 10 years as an International Business Developement Manager . After a successful career helping small companies, Refka now helps them write marketing copy for their products and services.

Refka enjoys cooking , even she had her own restaurant and managing a small Company of IT services.
Refka’s available for marketing and writing projects, as well as private consultations.
Content Types
Article, Ebook, Commercial, Blog Post, Live Event
More Information
University, Master's Degree
Tunis, Tunisia|Arabic, English, French

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