Regan Huey

Content Strategist

Experience in professional and college sports, brand and identity development, healthcare marketing, media planning and account management.

I have spent 10+ years growing businesses and revenue through effective marketing strategies, branding and content. Starting with the basics of determining your identity and audience, moving through the process of identifying new products and partnerships then implementing a plan to drive objectives.
Content Types
Ad/Promotional Copy, Corporate Video, Infographic Copy, Live Event, Presentation, Product Description, Direct Mail, Commercial, Article
More Information
University of Oklahoma , Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Houston, TX, USA|English

Case Studies

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Case Study
Identity and Brand Development

Your brand is your identity. Your brand communicates who you are, what you do, the quality you provide and your reputation for trustworthiness in the market. Understanding and developing your brand identity is a crucial first step in selling your product or service. Market assessment indicated the local community did not know what services Baylor provided, nor trusted Baylor for quality. Prior to determining strategic initiatives, we first had to understand the identity and how the brand would be meet the needs of the consumer. The brand book was developed to showcase the now known identity and explain to the internal team why this consistency would be so important.
Case Study
Content and Partnership Marketing - Celebrity Brand Ambassador

Bringing a well known, respectable female role model together with healthcare. Why? Because Carli Lloyd's story was our brand’s story and the story of so many other women navigating their care. This partnership focused on authentic content and relied heavily on both brands, Baylor and Carli to believe in the same outcome, empowering the local community to take control of their health. Overall, the partnership drove brand awareness and increased volume and revenue proving that consumers want authenticity.

October, 11 2017
Case Study
Building Customer Loyalty

Experiential or event marketing is a way for brands to provide an experience for their consumers, driving not just awareness, but also allowing for a relationship with the consumer to form. Love's Travel Stops and Country stores needed a way to connect with their consumers. Partnering with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Love’s named the upper seating deck of the Chesapeake Energy Arena “Love's Loud City”. Ten years later, fans in Love's Loud City still get to experience the game in a personal way which is then associated with the truck stop and country store brand.
Case Study
Mobile Apps and New Product Development

Smart phones and mobile apps play a vital role in a consumer's day, now known as the second screen. Years ago though, brands were looking to connect with consumer's through their mobile device and compete with applications first to market. At IMG, within the college division, we developed and implemented school athletic specific apps intended to provide a personalized game day experience for each fan. Years later, the apps are still in market.
Case Study
Social Media Engagement

Sports, especially college sports evokes passion. It's a space where general consumers spend their free time (and money!). As a brand, Lowe's Home Improvement wanted to engage with their consumers in their place of happiness. Lowe's Defining Moments showcased moments in history that defined the game, the team and the fan base. This provided engagement with the consumer, but also provided an opportunity to connect on specific messaging regarding brand identity.

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Case Study
Experiential Marketing - Concert Events

Often times, brands have awareness, but consumers don’t necessarily understand or trust the product offering. Experiential or event marketing is a way for brands to form a relationship with the consumer, connecting the buyer with why you should purchase the product or service. The brand, Lowe’s Home Improvement was looking for a unique engagement opportunity with consumers within the college sports space. We developed free concert events before select college football games, hosting thousands of consumers and connecting these potential shoppers to a fun experience plus additional information about the store.

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