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By day, I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor at a community college, specializing in physiology. By night, I write about what it's like to teach college students. College is hard not only for the students but also for the professors and it's even harder for those teaching science classes. Teaching adults has unique challenges like discipline and engaging our college students. Teaching science also has unique challenges because of its difficult concepts and extensive material. And since my students want to go on to the medical field, we talk a lot about health. I am often asked about the latest health headlines such as the genetically engineered baby.

Why write about this? I noticed a hole in the teaching community and one that we can fix together. There are tons of teaching resources for kindergarten through high school teachers but college professors have no teaching resources. College professors are often up a river without a paddle when they start. Thankfully at the college I work at, I had a mentor and training classes to teach me the online learning systems and classroom etiquette, but my network is limited to my college. Professors all over the country have wisdom, knowledge, and teaching tools, but they have no place to share it! I want to provide support to the thousands of professor across the country.

I want to partner with you through a blog to market your products (and products made by college professors) to college professors and to create a community of professors. Please visit my website ( to learn more about me, my fees and services, and my portfolio. I'm looking forward to working with you!
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Blog Post
Suffering From Panic Attacks Shaped My College Teaching Philosophy

I had a few panic attacks as a college student, but they stopped when I started my masters. Read this article to see why!
Blog Post
Why the Scientific Method is SO Important: We Examine a HuffPo Article

I never thought I would have to teach the scientific method in a college course, but I have changed my ways after I realized how important it was to society.

January, 15 2019
No More Confusion: Osmosis vs. Tonicity

In the first week of class, most science teachers teach osmosis and tonicity. The problem is teachers often gloss over these concepts when they shouldn't. Osmosis and tonicity are essential for the body to function. Let me stop the confusion once and for all.

December, 15 2018
The Worst Thing I Said as a Professor
First-Day Strategies For College Professors From a College Professor

Nothing is worse than botching the first day of class. No worries! I got you! This article has advice to calm your first day jitters and it has a link to a powerpoint to set the expectations for your class high!

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Your Genes Decide Your Gender

The woman's body is amazing! Learn how the fetus develops into a male or female.

December, 14 2018
The Lens in Your Eye is Amazing

The eye has always amazed me. The fact that you can read this right now is because you eye is working overtime to process light. Like mind blown!

December, 12 2018
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