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Authentic and Experienced Writer - published in eHow, The Nest, and other online content sites and provides professional writing services through her business,

Authentic and Experienced Writer - Renée Del Rosso is a freelance writer published in eHow, The Nest, and other online content sites. Her business, PeridotPurple provides professional writing services, grant writing, and a personal blog as well as small business services including website design and maintenance. During her career as a human resource manager, licensed stockbroker, and corporate trainer, Del Rosso wrote monthly internal business articles and social associate newsletters. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska, Omaha.
Del Rosso is currently enrolled in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda certification coursework and provides natural health and wellness services in the Northern Puget Sound area near Seattle where lives with her husband and their four children.
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University of Nebraska Omaha, Bachelor of Fine Art Creative Writing with Thesis
Seattle, WA, USA|English

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Stroke Recovery – PeridotPurple – Natural Wellness Services

As I write this it has been over six years since my strokes in 2012. I still have a few residual effects, but I am thankful every day that it wasn’t much worse. My recovery process has taken me through the gamut of options available from a modern pharmaceutical approach to a natural plan combining ancient wisdom with current science. I want to share what I’ve learned and what has worked for me so I can hopefully help someone else with their recovery journey. Here is a list of my what, why, where and when.

February, 24 2019
Blog Post
My Natural Wellness Journey

Natural medicine and lifestyle personal success testimony.

December, 2 2018
Blog Post
Natural Wellness Services

This Bulletproof Body-Wise Peppermint Spiced Mocha is a healthy variation that’s perfect for the holiday season.

December, 9 2018
Blog Post
Finding Yoga

Personal experience story about how yoga improved my health and motivated me to become a certified instructor so I could help others.

November, 3 2017
Blog Post
Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness Month (Blue Ribbon)

Education about Ankylosing Spondylitis along with a personal experience about coping with this disease.

April, 30 2016
Blog Post
You Aren’t Too Young to Have a Stroke

Education about Stroke awareness along with a personal experience about recovery.

January, 14 2016
Blog Post
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December, 19 2015
Blog Post
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