Renee Lanette White

Graphic Designer, Writer

Creating a vision to be visualize.

Is it the way that I silence my tone, the way I hold my head high when I know I feel like ish. Maybe it's the way I grace myself before I even begin to tell my mind to stop thinking like that. Well now I got something to say. My differences is my differences we all have them but how did my story get to this. Little girl Renee was just 14 hiding a pregnancy, but still somehow found a way. To get the answer she needed to make her story means something to somebody she don't care what it takes. Somebody ought to here what I got to say. My silence no longer, no way no way. It all started in the areas where gunfire was heard the most, where somebody got killed because they was losing all hope, dreams were washed away because nobody thought they had what it takes. Well I'm here and I have something to say, you can hear in my tone, in the way my hair stands up what these words mean to me, just give a little grace. Nobody should live they life this way, so I got something to say. All I want to do is create a way, make a way out of now way, believe that someday things will all change fade away. Must I speak the ways I learn to hold my own to live out here grown. No I'm not mad I just got something to say. It's the pain that made me this way it's pain that brought my beauty inside, not like them church folks say, the ones that gossip and have some much to say. About little ole Renee. My shoes may not be tighten and my hat might not stand out, but my silence somehow brought me out. Learning the ways to be wise without even having to speak and graceful trying to hide something so unique. A story that created the way I speak. So now I got something to say. Talents don't cost a thing no matter what I thought I needed to have, it begins here it starts now. Because the jobs ain't paying me enough for two and the schedule trying to keep me slaved. Can any of you feel what i'm saying today. You see it all started off in a broken home, seeing a mom raising all them children alone, deaths turning every corner and there was no way to escape. My eyes pierced to watch and find out answers anyway. With thoughts so deep it kept my tongue tied, and everyone believe on the outside I was lost in disguised. In reality it's society that minimize the speech. Of how we paralyze the things that we see. To forget how its looks and do how it makes me feel, so now I got something to say. I may look like I'm weak in any way but I conquer defeat. Because the way that I walk and the way that I speak grounded my peace in prosperity. Revelation of hope when there was no life. Values to be spoke when I was left in the rope, the same rope that could have took my life but oh how I rejoice my soul. I got something to say, because I found out through the weakness in my bones what actually made me strong, was the little grace in hope that I still held on. I couldn't really figure out why people was using me, my body my temple, my crown, and must of all how I watch it all come falling down. Drugs didn't work, and I sholl was to quiet to speak. But still found a way to let these men not value what I had to still believe was my story... my story on the inside. That was how I spoke then until one day I seen a little face that look like mines, through all the mistakes and tries, the one little face held me through the days. Looking down at the marks left behind. I began defeat and learned how it felt to be on the other side, I got on my knees day and night but the only thing he seem to mention to me was I'm here for defeat ! You're victory is in me. He knew the battle will continue and I would have to walk through what all I didn't want to see to get to my vision that meant so much to me, he said speak in the ways I chosen you to be, don't stumble on your own feet. Trying to run,hide or hum. You must stand out and shine to get closer to me. Now... Let me use you, I've been humbling you along because your destiny is near and your story it speaks. I created you whom you're supposed to be.
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