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Hi I'm Rhonda and I'm a former English professor, now specializing in health wriiting, especially in weight loss, nutrition, skincare, detoxification, fitness, and beauty. Although I loved teaching, I love writing full time and I cannot wait to do it again every single day.

I love writing and research and my clients say my most unique gift is that no matter how complex the science, I make it easy to understand and a damn good read. This gift I have -- I'm sure -- comes from being a teacher who had to try to explain dry concepts like post-structuralism to yawning freshmen. Today, no matter what, you have to hook a reader who's juggling kids, cooking dinner, and trying to steam clean tomorrow's business attire. So your dollars will be well spent on someone who doesn't bore your reader, right?

I am also gifted at turning out even hard books quite speedily, or editing them and capturing someone's voice and personality so well one would never know the difference. No matter what the subject -- even finance, I will research my way to expertdom so that your book or blog will be the most informed in the atmosphere.

Luckily, having been a lit major taxed with reading some 15 long, often frighteningly dull books a week along with 50 freshmen argumentative essays a week, I have trained my mind to latch on to a text and find a way to make it interesting.

One of my first devoted clients was Ari Whitten, who believed in me -- until I did -- that I possessed the skills and intelligence to understand microbiology and biochemistry, fields I'm now fascinated by, and I became his chief writer for The Energy Blueprint, writing on the science of energy and the mitochondria.

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