Rich Bivins

Richard has a passion for writing and selling books.  He's a published author of both fiction and non-fiction and has completed several screenplays. He is also an habitual learner who holds a Bachelor's Degree in History from Roosevelt University.  He has a great interest in all things history related and seeks out all that he can on subjects related to Philosophy, Psychology, Parapsychology, Paranormal, Biblical Archeology, and Physics. He is currently working towards earning his Ph.D

I am reliable, consistent, and determined to provide my clients with exactly the type of content they require to develop brand awareness, engage inbound leads, and convert the ‘tire kickers’ into lasting relationships.

I strive to be the conduit between your brand and your audience. I research your industry and your competition to find what is driving engagement and then I will produce high quality and measurable content that best fits the goals of your brand; such as, increasing your brand’s visibility on the web and through social media, growing your email subscriber list, or converting the ‘tire kickers’ into business leads.

- Since 2009, I’ve been writing search engine optimized (SEO) content that is often found on the first page of Google and then in front of the eyes that matter most.

- An ace writer specializing in bylined and ghost blogging. My Liberal Arts degree in History and Pre-Law studies has provided me with a unique grasp on researching any topic.

- An advanced storyteller. I’ve developed several screenplays and fiction novels but my most creative voice lies between the pages of many Personal History books my clients use as heirlooms.

I would be honored to be hired as your freelance writer to produce articles, blog posts, or other site content on a per project or long term relationship.
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