Rich Elvers

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Photographer, Writer

Content is kind of a big deal.

A bio is a great space to put my copywriting skills to work to show you that I’m up to the task. It’s my chance to prove that you need me more than I need you because even though this is all about me it’s really all about you.

So what needs of yours can I fulfill? You need somebody to write stuff. Guess what? I write stuff!

I can be the total package for someone needing a versatile writer because I’ve written in nearly every form you can think of.

Need serious? While I like to have fun every day I can be serious (I’ve never laughed at a funeral). How about writing that gets straight to the point? I’ve got you covered. But too much informative writing can be dry and deadly serious.

Snore right? I prefer to inject life and vitality into writing, all writing, because nobody is inspired by dull.

So to make a short story long you may not need me, but you need somebody and I’m somebody. I’m somebody who can write your stuff (all of your stuff) and inject it with personality and creativity because simply put I’m somebody who loves writing and that’s somebody you need.
Content Types
Article, Whitepaper, Ebook, Website Copy, Product Description, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic, Email Newsletter, Guide, Page Layout, Script, General Photo, Candid Photography, Commercial
More Information
University of Calgary, Professional Writing Specializing in Marketing and Public Relations
Calgary, AB, Canada|Languages

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Unless we count that Bachelor of Science degree (BSC)

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