Richard Cummings

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor

I love to write

Freelance writer with A.O.C. and political parties. Artificial Intelligence researcher and author. ZWERL online program consultant and customer service. Experienced marketing and sales consultant concentrating on small business to improve the bottom line and increase quality in sales. Skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and the online and traditional marketing process. Helping companies target their market and position to make their product or service offering attractive to consumers.

I can think not just creatively but analytically. I am very creative and use that creativity to gain results in the marketplace either online or brick and mortar.

I can work as a consultant to your business or as part of your marketing team.

I have the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions leading to great insights and perspectives. I have a warm sense of humor, and coaching capabilities and offer a solid and integrative approach to marketing.

I have excellent communication skills both orally and written. I am especially skilled and running meetings and enhancing communication and presenting to the key person.

I recently created a business called "Sky Writers service". Using my entrepreneur skills and another professional, created a business canvas which organized a successful pathway. We provide any type of services a writer may need including editing.

I have been a program consultant for an online live messenger world wide application known as Zwerl.

As a result of my love for writing, I have created my own company A Plus Writing where I am a Freelance Writer.

Planning of moving out of the country soon, becoming an Ex-pat, to Canada or Spain.

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Washington University in St. Louis, Masters Degree Clinical Social Work
University of Utah , Bachelor of Science Health Education
Layton, UT, USA|English

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