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Health content so you sell more products and services.

I Write to Keep Myself -- and Your Customers -- Healthy & Alive

I help health, fitness and anti-aging professionals and service providers increase their profit by selling more products and services using my Content for Healers system of copywriting and content marketing strategies.

I love you. Businesses that sell health and wellness information, products and services are changing the world. Your profits drive research into how our bodies work, how we can get and remain health and, ultimately, will cure aging.

See, For Me, Our Niche in Health is Personal

When I was a kid, swim and track team workouts gave me a strong foundation of fitness. As a young adult I became interested in health food and nutrition. I have kept up my education, and have taken supplements for forty-five years.

However, recently I spent my first night in a hospital in sixty years, since I was a two-year-old having my tonsils removed. The severe pain and trauma of that kidney stone taught me I was nearing the age of Medicare eligibility, and could no longer afford to take good health for granted.

I need great medical care more than ever, and so does everybody else my age. I'm one of those baby boomers you hear about who doesn't want to grow old, let alone die.

But I can't rely on most doctors and the conventional medical system.

A Few Years Ago, My Mother Died of Cancer

I don't know if any alternative or supplemental treatments would have saved her. She was one of the "Greatest Generation," and therefore did not question authority. She was not open to anything unless it came from a doctor, but none of her doctors suggested she try anything besides the chemotherapy.

Now I love getting "revenge" on the parts of the conventional medical treatment industry that cling to the old ways.

That's when I realized allopathic medicine was just a tool. It's useful sometimes -- when the pain from my kidney stone nearly made me faint I did go to an Emergency Room and I'm grateful for how they helped me -- but nobody should fully trust or depend on it.

That's why I enjoy discovering how much both alternative medicine and the cutting edges of anti-aging research are now learning about how our bodies can remain healthy.

I Share Your Dream

I want healers to apply the best of ancient and modern wisdom to help people regain lost health, free themselves of pain and and live healthier, longer lives.

To accomplish that you need a profitable business to sell your health-related products and services.

Effective Selling Combines Facts for Credibility With Benefits for Emotions and Stories to Dramatize Them

When I took up copywriting, I made the usual beginner mistake of trying to convince customers by explaining why the product was good for them in a sales letter.

I sold some books that way, but I remained frustrated and puzzled. I tore out what little hair I had left. What was I doing wrong? I gave them terrific product benefits. I bought and read books and courses, seeking the secret.

My breakthrough came when I viewed a *secret* video of a copywriting guru. He explained how he discovered early in his career people did NOT want to read sales letters. Therefore, the best direct mail promotions looked like reports or magazines or books. The best marketing looks valuable to prospects.

Their headlines announced news that made a big promise that was beneficial to the prospect, but not in a direct, hypey way.

And the best-performing sales copy was not over-the-top, push-their-hot-buttons emotional, but, instead, presented proof to make the prospect believe the product claims.

Sometimes the proof is facts and figures. Often, it's stories. Health prospects love both scientific studies and seeing the results of happy customers.

People don't buy big promises of benefits.

People buy big promises of benefits THEY BELIEVE.

No belief, no sale.

The big current marketing trend online today is content marketing. That extends what the direct mail copywriting guru taught into the greater detail possible online.

I added a simple twist I'd learned from reading "advertorials," and created Content for Healers.

I Want to Share Content for Healers With Every Healer Who Will Use it to Help Change the World

Now, you too can use it to attract new prospects and move them through the stages of the buyer's journey until they buy your products and services.

And therefore improve their health and your bottom line.
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