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When all else fails, smack it one time. Worked for the tv

Well, at almost 38 years old, you can imagine I've lived through enough stuff to be able to speak on a few things. I grew up in the mid 80's and through the 90's. When music was real and so was coke( for the most part). We lived, literally, in the middle of nowhere. Well, it was the middle of a town called Bryceville, in the north florida swamps. When my parents divorced dad moved back to Hazlehurst Georgia to be with his family. So I spent my time running through the woods chasing critters and catching fish in a small part if a broader region known as the southeastern United States. We grew our own food. What we couldn't grow we either trapped, raised or killed in some manner. Shooting rifles, shotguns and pistols was as much a part of life then as it is now. I joined the army in 2000 and deployed overseas nit long after the September attacks on the twin towers. Came home, decided I didn't like being shot at, and changed careers. I have done all manner if construction, from plumbing and electrical all the way up to fabricating and welding. I am currently a night shift maintenance man for a local feed mill. My knowledge comes from my experience. I am outspoken and a little rough around the edges. But I usually get my point across as I intend to. I love the outdoors and conservation. Leaving something for my kids and others to enjoy when I go is something I do not take lightly. I'm just a guy from South Georgia, with many experiences. Use them how you can. I'm more than happy to share some
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