Rita Makokha

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SEO & Content Specialist

Accomplished digital marketing expert with a proven record in boosting profit growth for client websites through high-quality content, traffic, and sales conversion. I am a performance-driven professional with a strong ability to manage multiple projects on tight deadlines. My broad-ranging content and digital marketing strategies allow me to drive businesses forward by communicating their value proposition to potential customers. I excel at creating personal and well-written campaigns that vary depending on my client's brand and interests.
I enjoy taking on new challenges and inspiring action through the art of storytelling.
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Article, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Statistics
Nairobi, Kenya|English, Swahili

Published Content

Introverts and Being Alone (Its not What You Think)
September 29th, 2019

Most freelance writers focus on the short term. They never really ask themselves if they are adding any value to a client’s business. As a digital marketer, I advertise, I optimize clients’ websites for SEO, and yes, I still write.

Blog Post
Presentation Matters: How to Make Your CV Stand Out

Hiring managers receive up to one hundred applications for every position they post. They spend about six seconds on average going through each of the applicant’s CVs. It is time to get rid of the clutter in your CV. You have six seconds to state your case; get straight to the point.

May 31st, 2019
Blog Post
Be The Boss: 5 Reasons Why Women Should Take More Business Risks

Fear is a major factor hindering women from achieving their dreams. In entrepreneurial and corporate environments, women are constantly held back by the thought that they are not good enough regardless of their outstanding qualifications.

May 31st, 2019
Blog Post
Beyond the Birds and the Bees: 10 Things We Should Teach Girls About Healthy Sexual Relationships

Sex is a taboo topic in most African households. We all acknowledge it, but nobody wants to really talk about it. As young children, we learn about REPRODUCTION from teachers and peers who were confident enough to risk getting in trouble.

June 14th, 2019
Blog Post
The Budding Need for Weed

The marijuana debate is a complex subject. The habit is being practiced so much among the youth that it has become normal. Knowing how to roll a joint is a necessary skill in some crowds. With half the world fighting for its approval and the other half threatening its existence, pot users are left to make the choice for themselves.

July 18th, 2019
Blog Post
Acupuncture as a Relief for Severe Menstrual Cramps

It is normal to experience some discomfort during your periods, but severe pain may be a symptom for conditions such as endometriosis or ectopic pregnancy. After quick fixes like heating pads and over-the-counter medication, acupuncture is the next best option in relieving menstrual cramps.

June 26th, 2019
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