Rita Zeidner

Health. Taxes. Real Estate. HR. I write about it all.

I began my career as a print journalist, but my skills (and portfolio) have expanded to incorporate growing media options and, yes, the strategic communications needs of various paying clients. In other words, I know how to write an op-ed (and get it published in a meaningful forum), craft an engaging how-to piece, compose and deliver effective congressional testimony, blog, Tweet and communicate in other ways that make an audience smarter, better-prepared and motivated to take action.

My general interest articles — on health, fitness, personal finance and other topics — have run in consumer publications like the Washington Post, New York Newsday, Money and the Huffington Post.

I received my BA from the UC Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slugs!) and my Masters from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

I am now a full-time freelancer. When I'm not on assignment, I'm likely riding my bike, paddling my kayak, hiking or skiing. (And BTW, I enjoy writing about those activities, as well.)
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