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My name is Bob Sivori. I have been involved in creative writing since the mid 1970’s when I enrolled in two correspondence courses: Famous Writers School and the Institute of Children’s Literature. But, by that time I had been in the Corporate World for over ten years and had family responsibilities in the form of a loving wife and two lovely daughters, a house mortgage, and a need to be gainfully employed. Writing had to wait.

While in my business orbit, I have written thousands of words included in web articles, training books, audit report summaries, business proposals, business articles, marketing letters, news releases, executive summaries, web content and business incorporation documents.

My Real Calling

But, my real love was and is Creative Writing or to be more specific, I love to tell stories. These are my escape; my way of creating my own world and sliding inside it. There are no limits to my imaginary places and stories.

However, I can help those who want to express themselves in writing, but who can't or won't sit down to do it.
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Article, Interview, Presentation, Whitepaper, Ad/Promotional Copy, Press Release
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St. Peter's College, BS Math
Warsaw, NC, USA|English

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