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I have spent the past two decades writing on various topics in the technology and entertainment industries. I have a background in science with ample training in research and search engine optimization. I also own my own blogs and used to run my own podcast. As a result, I am knowledgeable on a variety of business topics, and I am always willing to learn more. I put my enthusiasm for learning into anything I write. This ensures all the content I produce is accurate, up-to-date, and always works towards my client’s needs and goals.

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Blog Post, Article, Ad/Promotional Copy, Buyers Guide, Case Study, Commercial, Direct Mail, Documentary, Guide, Product Description, Website Copy, Whitepaper
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SUNY at Buffalo, BS Physics
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840, USA|English

Published Content

Why Go With Solar Energy?

With articles like this one, I can clearly explain how your products work to your customers, ensuring them that your solution is what they need.

December, 13 2018
USB Specification and Cables

Electronic devices are my passion. If you hire me, you would have fine consumer technology guides such as this one for your customers.

December, 13 2018
Buyers Guide
Roomba 877 and 890 Pros and Cons

A sample of a product review I did for one of my customers. If you have a product to sell, I can write something similar to this to you.

December, 14 2018
Inner Riddle Adventure Puzzle Game Indiegogo Campaign Offers Extra Modes
June, 4 2018
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Now Available for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
June, 9 2018
Blog Post
Monster Hunter Special Legends of the Guild Slated for 2019

A sample of my music articles from my main blog.

July, 13 2018
Blog Post
Does Testosterone Cause Acme?

A sample health science article.

August, 19 2017
Blog Post
Solar Energy Has Many Advantages

A sample home improvement and technology article. This one is on improving one's energy budget.

August, 16 2017
Blog Post
How to Speed Up Your Mac

A sample of the technology articles i write for some of my customers. It is a how-to article on how to maintain your computer.

August, 19 2017
Cartoon Network Brings Back ThunderCats with their new ThunderCats Roar Animated Series

An news piece on the launch a recent premiere of an animated television series

May, 19 2018
Dynamic Dungeons Takes Tabletop Role Play Gaming to the Next Level

An article on new technology available to table top role playing game players.

May, 22 2018
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