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He was born in Woodlake, California. After attending high school in Visalia and Hanford, Ca, he joined the United State Air Force, trained as a reciprocating aircraft mechanic at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. After more specific training in Hawaii, he then was assigned to an Airlift Command in the Philippines to support the Vietnam War for an 18 month tour. He was sent on a temporary duty assignment to Ubon, Thailand and Saigon, Vietnam. After the Philippines, he received orders to go to Vietnam and assigned to Air Commando/Special Operations in Nha Trang. Then he was sent in the field in the Mekong Delta, to Binh Thuy For a 12 month tour as a Crew Chief on AC47 Gunships. AC47 Gunships were armed with three General Electric Gatling Guns called mini-guns. He was later reassigned for the last three months of his tour for flight crew duties on the base C47 (Delta Queen) flying to every major base in Vietnam with some flights out of country, armed with just an M16 and 38 cal SW revolver. The Delta Queen carried parts, mail, chickens, pigs, and sometimes up to 13 passengers. Flights to Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan were common destinations.

He has a Masters Degree in Health Services Administration. His favorite subjects in school were English 1A, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Computer Programming, and Ecology. He received honors being on the Deans List and Presidents List.

He worked over 30 years in the medical field in dialysis doing machine maintenance as Chief Technologist and Certified Patient Care Technologist. The last 20 years he served as Technical Manager, Clinishare Dialysis, Clinical Administrator of Monterey Peninsula Dialysis, Facility Administrator of Davida Soledad Dialysis, and Practice Administrator for Central Coast Nephrology in Salinas, California. As Practice Administrator, he was given oversight of four medical offices, ultrasound, laboratory, and an infusion center.

His hobbies are black powder/modern weapons, free standing database computer programs, horseback riding, running, archery, sailing, drawing/painting, motorcycle and bicycle riding. He has competitively paddled Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes throughout California and in an International race from Catalina Island to Newport Beach. He was in a bicycle ride called "Tour Davita" traveling through several states with one leg of the tour 100 miles in length. He has completed 5 Los Angeles, 1 Long Beach, and 2 Big Sur Marathons. In addition, he completed 1 San Franciso, 2 Big Sur, 1 San Francisco, and 1 Malibu Half Marathons.

He has been published in a "Handbook for Dialysis Technology" the Chemistry chapter, and a book of poetry called "Simple Poems with Simple Rhymes". He is artistic and works with dry brush water color and colored pencil. The effect of this style is almost photographic looking.

He moved to Marina del Rey to live aboard the sailboat "The Pearl" and became an actor/producer with work in San Diego and Hollywood. He wants to try his hand in screenplay writing and producing a movie about experiences in Vietnam in Special Operations..

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Poems with Simple Lines and Simple Rhymes
April 14th, 2004
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