Rodney Savary (R. A. Savary)

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Start at the beginning; begin where you start!

I hadn't viewed my writing as anything more than a hobby until the last ten years or so, and even those ten years haven't rewarded me with much in the way of a portfolio. I write mostly speculative fiction which is also not a big plus when it comes to attracting clients looking for website content, newsletter material, or information articles for business purposes. Since recently retiring from food service, I am, however, able to devote myself fully to my writing aspirations. And the good news for you, as a client, is that without a long list of publishing credits and accomplishments and being the realist that I am, I can offer my services at "special bargain rates."

I began serious pursuit of my writing career in 2010 when I committed to finishing a novel I’d been working on for several years. After completing it in 2011, I created a website, began blogging, and submitting short stories for magazines and in contests. Due to my full-time employment, I was unable to maintain my website and the direction of my blogs kept running amok in a quagmire of negativity surrounding work and/or the lack of progress with my writing. I did edit the content of a 32-40 page bi-monthly newsletter for two years for a nonprofit organization and later managed the same organization's WordPress website for two years.

I have been published in several online magazines which include Midlife Collage, Filthy Secret Books, and Flash Fiction World respectively for “Special,” “The Skirt,” and “Flash Fire.” A short story of mine appeared in print in Aqueous Magazine, a fairly new magazine based in the Ashland, Wisconsin area. I received an honorable mention in the 2018 Lake Superior Writers annual contest for my flash fiction piece “Safety.”
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