Rohan Banerji

Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Words have great power; I wield words; thus holding great power.

Hello there, and welcome to my profile. I am Rohan, but I go by the pen name of Erenn Klaius. I have a penchant passion and creative flair for writing.

I always believe words hold power and words when strung the right way, can evoke all sorts of emotions.

I strive to be the writer whose words can make a difference in someone's life, someone's views, impart knowledge, motivate or inspire them; and this very notion fuels me each time I sit down clacking keys minting words, creating new content for readers.

Always look for ways to improve as a writer, I believe I am a perfectionist by mind but free spirited at heart, always open to new things and knowledge around us.
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ICAT Design and Media College, B.Sc Digital Media
IGNOU Distance Education, Ba. English communications
India|English, Hindi

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The Glitch-y Life of a Wattpader
The Glitch-y Life of a Wattpader
Chasing Muses (#Wattys 2016)
Chasing Muses (#Wattys 2016)

A philosophical musing and imaginary conversation with time.

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