Ron Santini

Photographer, Writer

Award winning landscape and nature photographer

I have been doing photography now for 20+ years and I get as excited taking photos today as I did when I first started!

To me photography is both technical and aesthetic in nature. Understanding the technical side of photography is about understanding light and how light forms the basis for capturing a great image. That is why I am always learning about the technical aspects of photography, be it through formal classes or reading photo blogs or photo magazines, because I challenge myself to understand the technical issues that make great photographs. I learn something new everyday!

Having an aesthetic eye, as one of my mentors taught me, is the ability to create images that capture expression, have excellent composition and are unique is some way. This only comes with education and practice, something I try to do every time I take a picture.

So for me photography is a form of personal expression I hope will evoke a sense of joy, or a discussion, or a lasting impression on those who view my work.

My photographic interests are diverse as I enjoy nature and wildlife, architectural and sports photography, but I am always learning and challenging myself to improve on all types of photography.
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Penn State University, Master of Environmental Pollution Control
University of Colorado Denver, Master of Engineering
Huntersville, NC USA|English

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