Ronda Bowen

<span>I am an award-winning independent editorial consultant specializing in academic research and editing. I hold a Master&#39;s Degree in Philosophy from Northern Illinois University.<br /><br />Before I began my business, I was studying philosophy at the PhD level at Michigan State University, specializing in social and political theory as well as 19th Century philosophers. My writing experience stretches from academic writing to entertainment writing to business writing. Please look at my C.V., Resume, and Publications List on my website for more information on my experience and writing style. I have years of experience as a research assistant, and take pride in my organizational strategies. <br /><br />I am currently working on a novel, Night Song. I also write poetry and short stories. <br /><br />In my spare time, I still enjoy philosophy and political theory. I also enjoy science fiction and fantasy. I think the classic Twilight Zone is possibly the best show to have appeared on television. I enjoy  playing board games with my son and going to wine tastings with my husband.<br /><br />I currently live in California. My services are available locally, as well as through email and telecommuting. Contact me today with your project needs.</span>

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