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Rowan is a freelance copywriter and content writer who specialises in financial and business copy. Since a young boy he was captivated by stories and the art of storytelling. He believes that anything can be interesting, engaging, even fascinating by telling a compelling story. The world of stocks and shares, banks and bonds, companies and corporations can often lead us loosing the reader's attention, since the story is often lost amongst the numbers. To really captivate and inform readers this needs to change, so they keep coming back to you. Whether it's a long, feature piece or short blog posts Rowan gets the story straight.
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Article, Website Copy, Blog Post
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University of Glasgow, Masters
Scotlandwell, Kinross UK|English

Published Content

Blog Post
U.S. Markets React After Big Progress In Trump-Xi Relations

A blog post for looking at the impending trade negotiations between Trump and Xi.

January, 9 2019
A Game of Hide-And-Seek: The Search For Ebola’s Animal Past • theGIST

An article investigating the host animal reservoir of the Ebola virus

September, 28 2015
Blog Post
Oracle’s Larry Ellison Appointed To Tesla’s Board

I copywriting post i did for about TESLA stock news

January, 8 2019
The United Kingdom is Getting Greener

A publication of local science publication: the Glasgow Insight for Science and Technology (GIST). The article is a celebration of the UK beating its clean energy and carbon emissions targets in 2015.

March, 2 2016
How Harmful Are Introduced Species?

An article written for a local science publication: the Glasgow Insight for Science and Technology. The article goes into the 'ins' and 'outs' of introduced species.

October, 27 2015
Lord Knows

An article with analysis on the SNP's position on the House of Lords. It touches on reform within the peerage, and how it has been abused by parliamentarians. From my own personal blog site,

January, 2 2019
Blog Post
The National Blunders

An article from my own personal blog, themed around UK political commentary.

December, 1 2018
Blog Post
Using cryptocurrencies to help save the environment

A blog post focusing on cryptocurrencies and potential role in reducing environmental degradation. Specifically, the post mentions the Blockchain Development Company (BCDC) trying to improve the transparency of recycling, renewable energy and food industry supply chains.

November, 3 2017
Blog Post
Major cryptocurrency exchange to exclude many ICOs

A blog post written for focusing on cryptocurrency within the US. The post focuses on cryptocurrencies being left out of the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX).

November, 6 2017
Blog Post
Will the Chinese Bitcoin ban be lifted?

A blog post completed for the regarding current cryptocurrency speculations.

November, 1 2017
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