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Enthusiastic web content writer that is devoted to exceeding expectations to your target audience and is gifted in writing relatable content. I create content solutions and make communication top priority to create your dream content. Seeking new opportunities to work for you.

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I am Roxana Guy, the owner of Just Add That. I have known my entire life that I want to help people. The idea of sharing a sandwich with a random homeless person and having real conversation is the kind of things I live to do. But Just Add That isn't about the homeless or random charities. While I love to donate a portion of my cause to many charities and ministries, I created Just Add That because I knew there was more that had to be done.

I have loved reading, writing, and researching my entire life, too. I am the kind of person that if there is a problem, I am certain I will find a solution. Just Add That was a business dream I started 2 years ago. My goal was to teach others how to coupon and stretch that last dollar! As I began writing, I realized that couponing was nice and everything, but I wasn't generating a single dime. I spent 18 months researching and learning every way I could possibly make any money blogging. The more I researched, the more I realized that it wasn't the couponing I loved. It was blogging!

Friends and family started reaching out to me with their problems. Some were related to divorce. Some were money and business. But the more I talked with people, the more I knew I loved networking. Networking gave me the opportunity to keep learning more and reaching out to more people. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share with others.

I have a podcast called Just Add Chat, and I had several individuals reach out to me about one of my episodes discussing time management. The more we talked, the more I felt that I was ready to write a book to share with my audience.

Why do I want to help?

Blogging is easier for some people. And some people were born just knowing how businesses are run. But for others, like me, it doesn't come natural. With business, you have to work hard each and everyday. Over the years, I have learned it's easy to drown in your own self doubt. It's the worst feeling in the world. To be honest, I don't want another person to feel like that. I know what it's like to have a site and a dream and no one take you seriously. The hardest part about blogging is that often times, you find that you are alone.

I wanted Just Add That to be different, and I wanted to write books that really help others. When people come to my site or read my book, my goal is that they find the resources they're looking for and the community support they need. Writing high quality content is a big deal to me. It means that I am giving you my best because I want you to succeed.

There's already a huge number of websites out there giving you empty promises and providing you bad advice. How do I know this? Because these are the sites I spent 2 years following hoping I would get blood from a turnip. The reality is turnips just don't bleed. The only thing that has bled is myself from my hard work, sweat and tears. If I can keep another person from suffering like that, I will with my content, books and guides I offer.

I am so excited to finish my second book in the next few months! Until then, I'm looking forward to working with my next client...maybe you!
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Western Kentucky University, Bachelor's of Arts
Franklin, KY USA|English

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If I believed every article or book on turning a profit I read about a 3 or 4 hour work week, then I would probably be further in debt than I already am. There are all of these junk articles out there trying to sell a get rich quick mindset. Sure, there are people who learn the perfect algorithm and can become millionaires overnight. But the average person like me actually has to work at success on a daily basis. So why am I not one of these multi-millionaire bloggers, and what’s in it for you, my reader? Because I chose to change Just Add That into a site that gives you the exact formula for success. Your success is my success, and if I haven’t brought you the solution to your problem, I haven’t done my job. Everything I have written about (and will write about) are methods that are true to the business world as well as the blogging industry. And why exactly haven’t we been whisked away to our private island paradise with all our luxurious cash flow?! I’ll teach you right now what it takes to turn your site into a profitable machine right now with this guide!

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May Reader Questions of the Month: What Exactly Does It Take To Create A Great Blog?

There are lots of great readers trying to find answers to their blogging questions. You’re going to love this month’s questions! I get so excited when I have new questions. This month’s questions are no different than the past questions. It’s actually pretty exciting! I can’t wait for you to read these and find out how to improve your own blogs. Be sure to send your questions anytime to, and I will gladly respond and post about it on next month’s Reader Questions (unless you ask otherwise). Your success is my success. So let’s get started!

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How I Made $100 In 4 Hours Using Lyft

I finally decided in late September 2017 to go out and try Lyft. I won't lie. Saying I was nervous and a bit scared is really an understatement. After all, the media hypes it up to all of these problem situations, death or life altering scenarios. And everyone of my friends and family members were terrified for me like I was about to drive off of a cliff. Maybe I was going to have nothing but drug dealers and crazy, angry alcoholics all night long that were going to kill me! My first night, I made about $80. And I thought, wow. This is great. My second night, I made $100 in a little over 4 hours! I am working on average 5 hours a weekend and clearing at least $100-$120 a shift I work.

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Rocky's Sensational Low Sodium Herb Potatoes
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I wrote this fun article outside of my normal niche in the hopes that it would be fun, enjoyable and educational. If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that I won’t be applying to Listverse anytime soon. But I won’t stop pitching. I am stopping at Listverse for now because Listverse is just not my dream or motivation. I know I am destined to write great things, and bizarre types of cheese was just not it. I like to write things in a very matter of fact tone because I want my readers to be lavished with reality no matter how harsh it can be. Sugar coating garbage is not my forte, and I refuse to do so. But I wanted the world to read my article nonetheless no matter how out of character the material may be. I wanted to share this with my Medium family in the hopes that this would be a great conversation starter amongst your friends and family. Here’s the original article to read for yourself. I hope you enjoy!

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Blueberry & Cream Cobbler

When I made this cobbler, I honestly didn't know how it would turn out. I'll be the first one to tell anyone that if it tastes good, it's because God did it. How? Let's just say that when I stress cooking, I pray...A LOT! And if it turned out delicious, it's because God willed it. Make this delicious recipe today. It'll make you wanna run home and smack your mama!

March 31st, 2018
Vanilla-Caramel & Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

We've all heard of french toast casserole, and while it's delicious, I decided it was time to put a new spin on an old favorite. Now if only I can think of a fantastic, catchy name for this recipe. I think I'd be sold! But until I can come up with a better title, here's my first food video from our series, Dash. I realize that this is a parenting blog, but honestly we need recipes as parents.

March 31st, 2018
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a less densely populated area?

There are several advantages and disadvantages of a less densely populated area. Here are my brief thoughts in explaining those differences as a professional in social studies.

September 12th, 2018

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February 14th, 2019
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Books and Ebooks

The Value of Time: Mastering Time Management for a More Productive Day (Making More Time For What Really Matters Book 1)

Imagine understanding your priorities and what you truly value in your everyday life. What could you accomplish with that kind of time? This book isn't about saving you time. It's about creating time minimizing the things that don't matter in life and increasing your awareness of what's truly important.

June 8th, 2018
Mastering Time Management for a More Productive Day (Making More Time For What Really Matters Book 1) eBook


Vanilla-Caramel & Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

This is our first video in our video series, Dash! Our family loved this dish, and we hope yours does, too! If you're looking for the entire recipe, be sure to visit

January 10th, 2018
Blueberry & Cream Cobbler

Want a new spin on this classic favorite?! Try adding this delicious cream filling to an already delicious recipe. This will be your go to recipe for holidays, family gatherings, and pot lucks. Just Add...Wow! If you're looking for the entire recipe, be sure to visit our page

February 20th, 2018
JAT Powtoon Intro

Welcome to Just Add That! This site is all about helping you to become a great blogger. The purpose of Just Add That is to give you quality content that will help you grow your blog and website. I am here to help with many common blogging problems, but I am a person, too. Sometimes, my topics miss exactly what you need to know, and that’s why I want to encourage all of our visitors to reach out to me. Comment on my posts. Email me! I check my email all the time. Or let’s connect on social media. You’ll find I have a plethora under the Let’s Get Social tab.

December 30th, 2017


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Welcome to the table.

The idea was to create the illusion of enchanting herbs at the table gathering. Location at Moss Mountain, AK.

June 2nd, 2017
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Candid Photography
Lilies after the rain.

One of my first few shots as an amateur photographer and blogger in 2017. The idea was to minimize the need to look for stock photography and create quality images that would be eye catching to my readers. The end result was not bad.

June 1st, 2017
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