Ruby Noel

Content Strategist, Editor, Ghostwriter, Photographer, Writer

Bringing words to life with passionate fingertips.

Ruby classifies herself as a 'Creative Mind' who is knowledgeable in a wide variety of niches. As a content creator and photographer, she strives to better people's internet experience by maintaining a balance of value, entertainment, and inspiration in her work.
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Website Copy, Interview, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Guide, Social Card, General Photo, Candid Photography, Recipe, Checklist
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Colby College, Photojournalism
Kansas City, MO, USA|English

Published Articles

These YouTube Channels Can Help Make the Internet Work For You!

Become a DIY entrepreneur with these powerful YouTube channels.

March, 9 2018
Blog Post
8 Alternative Work Spaces Outside the Office to Promote Productivity

Learn about alternative workspaces that get you out of that ole cubicle and into a more productive state of mind.

August, 15 2018
The Ultimate Packing Guide For Drone Travelers
December, 7 2017
Choosing the Best Joint Supplement for Your Rottweiler

Rottweilers are a majestic breed of dog; as they age, however, their joint health can deteriorate. Keep your big pup healthy for the long-haul by learning about joint-supplements.

April, 26 2018
Ways to Not Be a Rideshare Grinch This Holiday Season

Be the opposite of a grinch during the holidays as a rideshare driver. (More $$$)

December, 3 2017
Unique Ways to Make Extra Money This Holiday Season

Earn extra green to make the holidays even greener for your loved ones!

December, 10 2017
Blog Post
UberEats VS Postmates

Before jumping into either of these food delivery side hustles, learn the pros and cons and decide which one suits your life best.

August, 28 2018
Give Your Back a Break with These Stand-Up Desks

The votes are in and stand up desks are a winner!
Blog Post
Royal Mango Quark Smoothie

Discover the surprising deliciousness of quark in this fresh mango smoothie!

July, 10 2018
Advice for 'Baby' Instagram Accounts

Learn how to grow your baby Instagram account and build your following of targeted followers.

August, 7 2018
11-Year Old Girl Saved by Drone
March, 19 2018
February, 28 2018
Drones in the Fashionista World
March, 8 2018
Pilot Spotlight: Interview with Merr Watson
September, 19 2018
Drones: Bringing a New Definition to World Events
February, 28 2018
Drones to Give ‘Convenience’ a New Definition
May, 22 2018
Drones Take the Night Skies at Coachella 2018
April, 23 2018
Spotlight Interview: Marina Miranda
October, 29 2018
Spotlight Interview: Dana Hill
November, 5 2018
Interview with Sara Rose Kempe Webber
August, 20 2018
Tammy Shults: A Female Piloting Hero
May, 22 2018
Pilot Spotlight: Interview with Kara Murphy
November, 18 2018
Pilot Spotlight: Interview with WWD Ambassador Joumana Hathout
August, 30 2018
Spotlight Interview: Sandrine Hecq
November, 11 2018
A Bird's Eye View: Using Drones To Change Your Creative Perspective
January, 22 2018
Pilot Spotlight: Jody Johnson
October, 8 2018
Pilot Spotlight: Interview with Leticia Dick
September, 6 2018
Pilot Spotlight: Interview with Ciska de Jong
September, 12 2018
Creativity From Above at the 2018 Drone Film Festival
February, 28 2018
These Are The Women Who Drone That Will Help You Soar into 2018
November, 29 2017
Blog Post
Self-Care is (finally) Trending

You can't pour from an empty cup...
Pro Tips for 5 Star Trips

Make the most money from your rideshare side hustle!

June, 24 2018
Blog Post
Back Pain? Upgrade Your Mattress.

Feel younger with these mattress solutions!
Think Geek Cat Products for Feline Fanatics

Win over the heart of any cat connoisseur with these feline products.
Blog Post
Unraveling the Monster I Loved

My experience with the worst of heartbreak.

October, 19 2017
9 Tips to Improve Your Aerial Photography

Be prepared as an experienced drone pilot of a total newbie in the skies with this list of drone tips.

November, 19 2017
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