Rudi Gremels

Ghostwriter, Photographer, Writer

Rudi uses his creativity, eloquence, and perseverance to please his clients in the fields of writing and photography.

In the two years since completing his tertiary education, Rudi has summited volcanoes in Indonesia, ridden motorbikes in southern Africa and stood on the highest peak of the frozen Atlas mountains in Morocco. He's completed a rigorous 120-hour meditation course in India, skydived from 13,000 ft. and illegally filmed destructive diamond mining operations in the Kingdom of Lesotho—where's that? Exactly. He captured these adventures both visually and with the written word, mediums of art that he is passionate about.

For Rudi, life and travel are about being a sponge and absorbing the encounters with many different people. The philosophical conversations with Buddhists, history lessons with Berbers, and hopeless sign-languaging with African shepherds have shaped him as a person and as a creative writer- and photographer. His travels have given him insight into how the world works and what makes people "tick".

Rudi's favorite quote: "If you want something in life, reach out and grab it." - Christopher McCandless in "Into the Wild"
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City Varsity, Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television
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