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I know you are thinking; what kind of bio is this. Well I am sure this is what I know the best about me. Knowing myself first make me a better person to learn about others and the rest pf the world. I am just a tiny speck in this vast cosmos.
I know that I don’t know anything about anything. Everything I look at gives an opportunity to expand its current existence. What I like and dislike are just an extension of me that is connected to the cosmos.
I know that the life that has been given to me is the finest creations of the creator and its absolutely the best it could be. There has never been a time that I did not know that I was living in unconsciousness unless I was sleeping.
I know that if I said that you are far smarter than me, you would freak out and say that you will want to deny it. Why will you deny when it is the truth. Truth certainly hurts some people.
I know I am absolutely calm in the roughest moments in life and I can make heaven out of hell anywhere. If anyone ever throws filth at me, I take the opportunity to blossom like arose flower. The more filth anyone throws the better my fragrance becomes
I don’t make decisions for anyone and I don’t control anyone. I want my kids to live on their own decisions. I am only here to influence them as I did when they were you. If I didn’t influence them, someone from outside would.
I know that when I first found Ash’s site and bought her stuff, I straight up sobbed as I read through the entire thing because I just kept thinking, “There really IS someone else like me out there. She actually gets it.”
I know that I am created for something big. Bigger than the fastest computer that has ever been made.
I know that my biggest fear is that I was not able to accomplish all my dreams. I dream so big that it will take seven life times to accomplish it. Yay.
I know that I have written several books that are meant to be read within an hour’s siting. I don’t want people to be glued on any scriptures for more than an hour. The first book I wrote was “The Rise and Fall of Tiger Woods” I’ll be darned that when I wrote that book in 2014 I didn’t know that really that was the end of Tiger Woods golf career.
I have worked in so many fields that i know now it doesn't matter how bi a job is. Its only a job.
Finally, I know that life is more than a Bio.
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