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Content that Builds Customer Trust and Loyalty

If I go search for words relevant to your business, how likely is it that your company name will come up?

If you thought “Very unlikely Ruthie”, then that is why you are here. You are here because you are missing opportunities to establish your brand as an authority in your industry. There are prospective clients out there right now searching for answers that your blog could provide, but you just haven’t created the content yet…

I work with high-quality B2B and B2C clients who understand that strong content is a pillar of their overall marketing strategy, but who don’t have the in-depth knowledge, time, or desire to create and manage this content themselves.

Inbound and content marketing helps nurture your leads and prospects through the marketing and sales funnel. Blogs aren’t just for teenagers. Blogs are the answer to every question anyone has ever had, and they are the way marketing savvy businesses are connecting with customers they can’t even see.

Without meeting you, your prospective clients can start to trust you because of your well-written content that seems to answer all of their questions. You can use your blog, emails, newsletters, etc. to speak to your prospects’ pain points, establishing a relationship with them.

I deliver content that:

-is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, written for people and not search engines

-Nurtures your leads through the marketing & sales funnel

-Speaks to your buyer persona(s) using your brand’s voice

I also provide these services:

-Content marketing strategy consultations based on inbound methodologies

-Content marketing planning so you always have content to use

-New content recycled and repurposed from content you already have

If you can’t afford to have your content marketing strategy haphazardly executed anymore, or you can’t spare the time and energy, then head over to my content creation packages. Let’s discuss the level of effort you need to get viable leads for your business.
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Southern New Hampshire University, Creative Writing
Maryland Heights, MO, USA|English, Persian

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