Ryan Quinn

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Health and Medicine Writer with a Technical Background

Hi! I’m Ryan. I have a background stable isotope research. Now I put my research and technical writing skills towards creating authoritative content. I have six years of writing and editing experience combined with ten years of academic study. My polished technical writing can achieve the clarity, conciseness, and understandability necessary to connect with your targeted audience.

I'm passionate about the art of language and the craft of words; from rosy poetry to the dry perfection of technical pieces. I enjoy reading fantasy, historical non-fiction, philosophy, and popular science. In my free time, I can be found recreating in the mountains of the Wasatch Front.

My areas of expertise include general health, medicine, science, SEO writing, technical writing, music, and academic writing/editing. I also write articles for GrowthMarketingPro, so I know what goes into your marketing efforts.

Whether you desire to increase site traffic and boost conversions, provide quality information to the public, or post product reviews; I can create content that will achieve your goals.
Content Types
Guide, Article, Product Description, Whitepaper, Blog Post, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Website Copy
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University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Bachelors of Science in Geology
University of Kentucky, Masters of Science in Geochemistry
Ogden, UT, USA|Languages

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