Sarah Hatherly

Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Writer

I won't write bullshit.

I am an artist, feminist, business owner, and meandering creative-type with a severe distaste for the hours between 9am and 5pm.
After leaving an unhappy (and unfortunately non-prenupped) marriage at 26, I migrated to the west coast of Canada with $500 to my name and some severe mental health issues following decades of abusive relationships.
I discovered writing while battling my way through the darkest time of my life, alone and unmedicated, working 60 hrs a week for minimum wage in the most expensive city in Canada and it became my weapon of choice. There were a few nights of walking around Vancouver alone all night in the rain, stopping occasionally to type out some sleep-deprived delirious speculations about the purpose of existence and thoughtfully contemplating whether or not I really wanted to partake in it anymore.
It's been about 3 years, and as I have grown and worked my way through this period of my life, I am grateful that those contemplations led me to a place of empowerment through self expression rather than the alternative.
The freedom writing allows me to express these complex notions is something I truly value, and while I am new to the freelance scene, I am eager to contribute my experience and passion for social issues (and a great many other things) to the greater voice.

Topics of particular interest:
Sexual health and positive sexuality - consent, sexual trauma, legislation
Women and gender issues
Psychedelic research - DMT, psylocibin for depression and addiction, MDMA for PTSD)
Mental Health - stigmatization, health care accessibility, the broader mental health of society
Social Economics - social enterprise, P2P networks, co-ops, economic policy, sustainable alternative economic models
Permaculture & Bio-mimetics - Sustainable design of agriculture, architecture, technology, infrastructure and economics
Zero-Waste - circular economy, sustainable manufacturing, up-cycling & repurposing
Content Types
Blog Post, Article, Checklist, Explainer Video, Illustration, Recipe, Script, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy
More Information
University of Winnipeg, Rhetoric Writing Program
Vancouver, BC, Canada|English, French


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