Sarah Hatherly

Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Writer

I won't write bullshit.

I am an artist, feminist, business owner, and meandering creative-type with a severe distaste for the hours between 9am and 5pm.
After leaving an unhappy (and unfortunately non-prenupped) marriage at 26, I migrated to the west coast of Canada with $500 to my name and some severe mental health issues following decades of abusive relationships.
I discovered writing while battling my way through the darkest time of my life, alone and unmedicated, working 60 hrs a week for minimum wage in the most expensive city in Canada and it became my weapon of choice. There were a few nights of walking around Vancouver alone all night in the rain, stopping occasionally to type out some sleep-deprived delirious speculations about the purpose of existence and thoughtfully contemplating whether or not I really wanted to partake in it anymore.
It's been about 3 years, and as I have grown and worked my way through this period of my life, I am grateful that those contemplations led me to a place of empowerment through self expression rather than the alternative.
The freedom writing allows me to express these complex notions is something I truly value, and while I am new to the freelance scene, I am eager to contribute my experience and passion for social issues (and a great many other things) to the greater voice.

Topics of particular interest:
Sexual health and positive sexuality - consent, sexual trauma, legislation
Women and gender issues
Psychedelic research - DMT, psylocibin for depression and addiction, MDMA for PTSD)
Mental Health - stigmatization, health care accessibility, the broader mental health of society
Social Economics - social enterprise, P2P networks, co-ops, economic policy, sustainable alternative economic models
Permaculture & Bio-mimetics - Sustainable design of agriculture, architecture, technology, infrastructure and economics
Zero-Waste - circular economy, sustainable manufacturing, up-cycling & repurposing
Content Types
Blog Post, Article, Checklist, Explainer Video, Illustration, Recipe, Script, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy
More Information
University of Winnipeg, Rhetoric Writing Program
Vancouver, BC, Canada|English, French


Roar Shack's Store

This is a shop where I sell some of my art as prints.

March 10, 2017
Blog Post
The Dumping Ground

This is the blog where the directionless thoughts go.
The Big and Little Show

This is a podcast that I co-produce with a friend. We use this is as a platform to openly explore and discuss some of the not-so-commonly-talked-about issues in an accessible and not too serious kind of way.

April 12, 2018
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