Simon Batt

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

Facts, Technology, Games, and a love for Cats.

I am an England-based writer who loves writing articles with worth. If it makes the reader think, learn, or express their own opinions, then I'm willing to listen.
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Nottingham Trent University, Computer Science 2:1 Degree
London, UK|English

Published Content

10 Ways Ancient Egyptians Influenced Modern Life

An informative, well-researched article on how the Ancient Egyptians influenced modern life.

August, 6 2016
The Filmic Heist

A copywriting piece to advertise Grublin Games' new board game, Perfect Heist.

May, 25 2016
QUERYING QUERIES? What To Do When Editors Fall Silent By S.E. Batt

An article about how to follow up on quiet editors.

January, 7 2015
Tackling Writing Stagnation with Experimentation

An article about how to stop writers block from affecting your output.

July, 5 2015
Personal Clouds: What Are They? Should I Get One?

An article about what a personal cloud is, and who they're for.
Are Cutting-Edge Graphics a Double-Edged Sword?

An article about how important graphics fidelity is in gaming.

January, 19 2015
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