Sarah Goldy-Brown

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Product Description & Personal Finance Copywriter

Want informative SEO blog posts or articles that engage your audience and drive traffic to your site?

How about product descriptions that will establish your brand and drive sales?

Let me help.

I bring more than 6 years of writing experience to the table along with a B.A. in public relations. No matter how complicated the topic, I will do the research necessary to craft an intelligent, informative article or benefit-oriented product description. I love doing research and putting together content that provides all of the info a potential customer needs in a reader-friendly package. Whether I need to dig through government databases to find a must-have statistic or research the benefits of a tree species to see how it enhances a product, I make sure the final work is accurate and helpful.

Topics that I specialize in include: furniture & home goods, personal finance & student loans, higher education, home security, and geratric care/aging.

Past clients have included, Rosen Publishing,, and StudentDebtRelief.
Content Types
Article, Ebook, Product Description, Landing Page, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Messiah College, B.A. in Public Relations
Harrisburg, PA, USA|English

Personal Finance & Higher Education


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