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What is computer technology? Computer technology is a technology that instead of building a physical machine for each application builds a logical or virtual machine.

The logical machine is general purpose and can be put to any specific problem.

Each specific problem is implemented in the logical machine by software. Software is thus the most important element of computer technology.

Software enables the mass production of cheap mass-produced physical machines that can be turned to any application, rather than building expensive special-purpose hardware.

Not only that, but software is flexible and can be improved with new features over time without the need to replace the original physical machine – only the logical machine is changed and this is cheap to distribute (now over the network, so nothing physical needs to be produced or shipped).

An important fact of computing is that with just a few facilities the complete power of computing can thus be realised. No machine can do ‘magic’ instructions that makes it more powerful than others. Interaction with the physical world is a little different, but all machines with the basic functionality are equivalent at the software level.

The important thing about this is that all machines can be translated into other machines. This is important about producing software – high-level languages which express problem domains can be translated to machine-oriented executable programs. Note again that interactions with the physical world are different – hardware may include an instruction to ‘move robot arm up’, ‘read current image from photo cell’, etc and these may be given by equivalent statements in a high-level language – there is no need for low-level systems languages (although it can be argued that such control makes the language low-level).

However, most software is independent of physical sensors (input devices) and activators (output devices).

Computer technology is about the effective and efficient implementation of these ideas.

What are Internet businesses, exactly? The term ‘Internet business’ is quite a broad term. It can be also called an ‘online business’.

In short, an Internet business is a business which doesn’t have any physical place. All the services are provided by Internet.

For instance, an internet business which sells clothes does not have a physical store. You cannot try the clothes in the store and buy them directly. You have to buy them online and you will receive them by post. If they don’t fit you, you have to send them back.

Nowadays, many startups and companies in general are internet businesses. From web designer to sports coach almost every business can be run by Internet.

Setting up an Internet business provides many advantages, especially for a startup.

1 - You save a lot of money by not renting a commercial store. Indeed, renting this kind of place is usually very expensive, especially if you want to be well located. Obviously when your company grows and you sell thousands products per day like Amazon, you will definitely need huge hangars to store the products. But this remains cheaper than a store on the 5th Avenue in New York.

2 - If your boss is easy going or if you are your own boss, you can work from everywhere. The only constraint is having an internet connection which is today not difficult to find. So if you want to work from under coconut trees, go ahead! In addition, you save by not needing to spend time/money transport.

3 - You are also not stuck by working hours as you can be in a restaurant. Nobody is waiting for you in the kitchen! Having an Internet business is very practical for the students who create their own startup in their student room after classes. It is what happened for Facebook for instance.
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