Sabrina Gaffney

A Freelance Blogger for Eight Years. Specializing in Online Marketing, Gourmet Food, and a Wide-Range of Lifestyle Topics.

Sabrina Gaffney is a seasoned freelance web copywriter and social media specialist from Long Beach, California.

Equipped with a solid grasp of online marketing, she's written for Kapost on content marketing and has ghost-written blog posts on topics such as social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing for a handful of online marketing agencies.

In addition to blogging about online marketing, Sabrina specializes in "elevating lifestyle brands with sharp, swanky content," and has worked with companies in the fashion, home decor, tourism, natural wellness, and wedding industries. She currently blogs regularly for Claire Pettibone, a luxury bridal company.

As an avid foodie, she relishes in writing about gourmet goodies. She's done freelance copywriting work for a variety of gourmet food brands and has blogged for Foodily. Her gourmet coffee blog was featured in 944 magazine, a former prominent luxury lifestyle magazine. In her free time, you'll find her reading food memoirs and scouring cook books for new ideas.
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