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I craft content and copy for the wellness industry that boosts brand confidence and loyalty to drive sales. I write with one ultimate goal in mind- to help grow and promote businesses that heal bodies, alleviate suffering, and inspire hearts and minds.

It all started the day a friend took me to my first Grateful Dead show. (Don’t laugh too hard, the same can be said for Silicon Valley.) My experience that sunny summer day at Shoreline amphitheater was the catalyst for what began as a lifelong interest in religion and spirituality. Inspired by the Beat Generation, I travelled the country and the world over, writing and dancing as often as possible. I spent summers hiking to 14,000 peaks in Telluride, Colorado, and I read every book about Buddhism and the mystical experience that I could get my hands on. (More books than I could ever seem to fit in any apartment that I rented.)

Eventually, I earned a degree in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I focused on Buddhism and took courses in journalism, creative writing, education, and travel writing. During my time at CU, I worked as a Massage Therapist, caregiver, and nanny. Later I managed high volume spas, taught massage, and developed and wrote the massage therapy curriculum for a nationally renowned massage school.

Deeply intrigued by the somatic arts, I have practiced and studied Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Dance, African Dance, mindfulness meditation, pilates, rock climbing, and Iyengar Yoga. I took the refuge vows with vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, and had the great pleasure of an audience with the Dalai Lama for two magical days on Maui in 2008. Through the lens of Buddhism I was able to better understand the unadulterated teachings of Jesus, and many of the other core teachings of the world’s wisdom traditions, which I guess makes me “Buddhish.” (Mostly I remain firmly rooted in the belief that love, compassion, and equality are where it’s at.)

After years of studying various dietary philosophies and attending workshops with the likes of Dr. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra, I’ve settled on the Medical Medium diet for now, with a hint of flexitariansim thrown in for good measure. (Because fish tacos!)

I live a stone’s throw from the beach in a township of Encinitas, California called Leucadia, a mecca of health and wellness in its own right. In my free time you can find me exercising or meditating on the beach, taking classes on content marketing through UC Davis extension, working on my novel, or re-watching Game of Thrones for the umpteenth time. (I’m still coming to terms with parts of that final season.)

My clients have included a national chain of spas and massage therapy schools, chiropractors, real estate companies, physical therapists, occupational therapists, cannabis collectives, home health aid companies, medical device companies, and non-profits. I’ve also written travel related content for Maui Media, and spent a few years writing, editing, and imaging news stories for Westwood One, currently Clear Channel.

My background, lifestyle, education, and belief system all translate to a unique understanding of the spas and spiritual retreats that have grown so popular in the last few decades, from Big Sur and Sedona to Maui and Beyond. I know my Chogyam from my Chopra and my Shirodhara from my Swedish, but more importantly, I can make your prospects want to know too.

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