Salvador Cardenal

Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Blog post writer about marketing and tech related topics.

Looking for a professional blog post writer to create in-depth content about marketing topics for your website?

Do you need a writer who can:

- Make blog posts that bring TRAFFIC and LEADS

- Communicate with your readers effectively

- Find and solve the pain points of your audience

- Write high-quality content that actually gets read and shared

Working with somebody who understands your business is crucial if you want to achieve success and get the results you want. By working with me, you're getting a writer who genuinely cares about your results.

Your success gives me more credibility when applying to other jobs in the future, more opportunities for higher pay rates, and a valuable long-term relationship. That's why helping you succeed is the most obvious and viable way of growing my freelance business.

We both know that
- Content must provide value by addressing and solving your audience's problems. Otherwise, you're not gonna get many customers.
- Blog posts are intended to bring more traffic, conversions, and/or leads. If a blog post is not achieving this, it's not serving its purpose.
- Your audience reads your content for a reason. That reason could be entertainment, a problem they need to address, or both.

If you're looking to grow your business the right way, by building trust, then I might be the writer you need.

Here are a few of the marketing and B2B related topics I'd love to write about for you
-Email Marketing
-Conversion rate optimization
-Social Media Marketing
-SEO topics
-Content Marketing
-Amazon merch and Kindle Publishing (I have experience running a business in both platforms)

I'm not limited to these areas and like to take credit for my research abilities, so you can still hit me up if you want me for any other marketing/business/tech topic.

You'll be surprised to know that you just read through my entire summary.
I bet your customers will too.
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Blog Post

A post intended to educate readers about how to improve their email campaign and reduce high unsubscribe rates.
Blog Post
Emotional Marketing: How to Leverage The Addictive Power of Feelings to Make People Buy

I originally published this article in medium and it was later invited to be added to the Noteworthy publication, which is read by more than 18,000 people daily.

November, 6 2018
Blog Post
Do Ecommerce Marketplaces Have Tax Problems?

A post I wrote for Ecommerce Platforms about the problems with ecommerce marketplaces and how it relates to the site's audience.

October, 31 2018
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