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I specialize in writing health & fitness content

Do you need health & fitness content written for you? Do you struggle to find the time to write the content your business needs? Are you writing an eBook, running an online blog, or looking to promote your health & fitness company through educated content?

If so, then I'm your guy ✔

I specialize in writing about health & fitness content for small businesses, eBooks and online blogs. I've written about all aspects of health & wellness including but not limited to...

• General health & fitness
• Strength training
• Endurance training
• Energy system development
• Biology & microbiology
• Physiology
• Biomechanics
• Nutrition
• Mindset
• Habits & behavior change
• Exercise selection
• Speed & power development
• CrossFit
• Triathlon & ironman training
• Bodybuilding
• Injury rehabilitation
• Fat loss
• Intermittent fasting
• Motivation
• Supplementation

The list goes on....

If you think this is for you, give me a buzz!


✔ You run an online business and need help blogging
✔ You are an author in the process of creating an eBook in the 'Health & Wellness' field
✔ You own a small business and want to put out some educational content
✔ You need health & fitness content for any projects you have coming up
✔ You're looking for high-quality health & fitness content


✘ You're selling dodgy supplements or training plans
✘ You're looking for fast, low-quality content
✘ You're expecting to pay bottom dollar for quality content
✘ You're expecting millions of followers from one piece of content
✘ You're an jerk that's hard to deal with

If you still think this is for you, message me.


• You pick the topic (or I can find something myself)
• I do in-depth research on the topic
• I write a first copy and provide you with the health & fitness content
• You read it and make note of any changes you want made
• We collaborate and I re-write a second copy
• I send you the final copy and then
• You use the content to suit your needs


• I'm an Accredited Exercise Scientist form Australia with over 5 years experience in exercise science & sports science, personal training, strength & conditioning and nutrition coaching.
• I studied for 3 years at university completed my Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science and now run my own gym. I am also a Precision Nutrition Lv 1 Coach.
• I work with clients coming back from injuries through their rehabilitation, clients optimizing sports performance as well as general population clients looking to lose extra body fat, gain muscle or just live a better life.
• I also help clients out with their nutrition and behavior change. I have spent countless hours in the gym as well as researching as much as I possibly can about the human mind and body.

I only work with people that are hard-working, driven and in this industry for the right reasons. I don't write about snake oil supplements and/or the latest fads. Please understand that I will be working with more than one client at a time but will aim to respond as soon as possible to keep the project flowing smoothly. If this sounds like you, then I'd love to work with you! If not, it's probably better we go our separate ways.

Sound like someone you want to work with? Great, contact me!


I promise to work on this piece of content as if it were for my own gym. I'm never satisfied until your satisfied so we will continue you work on each piece until you're 100% sure this is how you want it. I make sure that I perform extensive research into the topic before coming to any conclusions or making any arguments on a topic. I understand the importance of great educational content in the health & fitness space and aim to improve your business, blog or eBook with my writing.

If you've made it this far and still want to work with me then I'd love the chance to collaborate with you on a new piece of educational health & fitness content!

Sam Geurts


Q Can you write articles with scientific research to back up your claims?
A Yes, this generally takes more time but I'm happy to research journal articles.

Q What size articles do you write?
A It totally depends on you! I can write shorter social media posts or extensive blog articles.

Q Can you help me write an eBook?
A Yes, I can help write part and/or all of an eBook you wish to sell.

Q Can you help me find an idea of what to write about?
A Yes. As a gym owner, I understand it can be tricky to think of a topic. I'm here to help!

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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Australian Catholic University, Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Melbourne VIC, Australia|English

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Humans are designed to conserve their energy. This was effective throughout most of history. Today we live in abundance and an evolutionary adaptation to our environment is now killing us.
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This is a blog post I made for our athletes in the gym that are suffering from shoulder injuries. The aim of this was to help the injured athletes progress forward in their own training and to give them a step in the right direction.

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