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Are you looking for content that is both reader-friendly and SEO-friendly? I believe the best SEO is content that is useful to readers.

I write informational content including articles, tutorials, recipes, tips, and interviews. I also apply my skills to business ghostwriting in the fields of marketing, social media, design, fitness, and consumer and wearable technology.

My certifications include: HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Hootsuite Academy Social Media Marketing
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Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Website Copy, Social Copy
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Hootsuite, Social Marketing Certification
HubSpot, Inbound Certification
CoSchedule, Marketing Strategy Certification
Twitter Academy, Twitter Flight School Certification
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Wearables, Smart Home, Internet of Things

How to Set SMART Goals For Your Fitbit
May, 17 2015
Three Classic And Fun Fitbit Essays Roundup Fit Reads Round-up
May, 11 2016
Solve Your iPhone Storage With a Lightning USB Drive
October, 14 2015
Samson Meteorite USB Microphone Review #SamsonMics
June, 17 2015
Two Must Have Adorable iPhone Accessories
November, 8 2015
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Headphones Review
April, 21 2016
How to Keep Herbs Fresh Longer
October, 25 2015
Speak To Go With Google Brings VR Mainstream
April, 13 2017
Choose Your Best Fitbit or Activity Tracker – Six Questions To Ask
December, 23 2015
How To Get Started With Your New Fitbit
December, 24 2015
RestOn Smart Sleep Tracking Monitor Sleepace Review Detailed Review + Giveaway Running May 16 -30
May, 15 2016
Wearable Trackers Move Beyond Counting Steps
June, 23 2016
Workout Recovery Tips To Make The Most Of Your Fitness Program
Two Emerging Health Gadgets to Help with Conception
June, 30 2016

Sleep and Relaxation

New Years Eve Recovery Plan: Using HRV To Recover From That Party Or Celebration
Get A Good Night Sleep With REM-Fit 400 Series Adjustable Pillow Part Two Review REM-Fit Activity and Sleep System
December, 14 2015

Health and Fitness

Rock Your Workout With Ten Popular Workout Songs of 2015
January, 6 2016
Enjoy Barre3 Streaming Workouts At Home #barre #barre3
January, 23 2015
Seven Tips To Increase NEAT Activity For Bloggers Feeling Fit For Bloggers
September, 20 2015
Act F.A.S.T. Signs And Symptoms Of Stroke A Feeling Fit Public Service Announcement
May, 30 2016
Zumba and The Challenge of Dance Fitness
How to Stay Fit as a Digital Nomad
July, 17 2016
Ten Ways To Stay Safe Exercising Outside
August, 4 2016

Native Advertising or Advertorials

Never Hungover Review #NeverHungoverReview
February, 11 2015
Ad/Promotional Copy
Get Bob Social Deduction Game on Kickstarter
May, 18 2016

Small Business Branding and Marketing

Social Copy
Words By Sam Portfolio

The linked page contains embedded social media samples that I created. The work involved curating third party content, writing content, creating simple social videos, and light graphic design. Platforms featured: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.
More VR Fun With Facebook Spaces + Other Social Media News
April, 21 2017
Product Description
Blog Talk: Could CoSchedule Make Your Blog Life Easier? Feeling Fit For Bloggers
August, 30 2015
Ten Ways To Build Your Brand
July, 21 2016
How To Create A Blog Post
August, 3 2016
Getting Down to Content Marketing Basics
December, 1 2016

Food and Drink

Smooth Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe
June, 15 2015
Kiss Me Mint Matcha Chocolate Candy Recipe
January, 7 2015
Red Carpet Ready Truffle Parmesan Popcorn Recipe
February, 28 2016
St Paddy’s Day Cocktail Recipes (including a Mocktail)
March, 13 2015
Recipe: Zesty Pesto Sauce
March, 21 2015
Review Skinny Suppers By Brooke Griffin A Feeling Fit Cooking Media Review
March, 22 2016
Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Banana Nut Brownies Recipe A Feeling Fit Sometimes Treat Recipe
June, 5 2015
Cod with Greek Yogurt Harissa Sauce Recipe
March, 30 2015
How to Make A Delicious Iced Coffee
May, 15 2015
Product Description
Get Supermarket Healthy With Melissa D’Arabian

Cookbook review and test.

March, 3 2015
Making Family Suppertime Healthy And Special
April, 13 2016

The client is a small premium spice company. The brief required a conversational blog post offering tips on how to throw a "Friendsgiving" dinner party.

November, 1 2017
Easy Healthy Meal Planning Tips & Resources An Eating Fit Resource
August, 16 2015

Home and Lifestyle

DIY Healthy Wood Polish
February, 11 2015
DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe:
August, 4 2015
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