Samantha Tounsley


Fantasy, Phlebotomy, and Physical Fitness.

Each day, in the early morning hours, Samantha Tounsley is known as The Savage when she puts on her microphone and prepares to instruct a grueling hour long kickboxing class. She can be found saving patient lives, one test at a time, as a medical laboratory supervisor by day. By night she is an avid fiction and nonfiction writer and reader. While she excels in face to face communications as a liaison between her hospital laboratory and patients, her real talents lie in both her ability to throw a mean right roundhouse kick, and act as grammar police when individuals fail to properly utilize their, they're, and there.

While she has always enjoyed reading and writing, she chose a career in the medical field to delve into a world that gives a front row seat to all the oddities humans and their bodies have to offer. As her knowledge base and interest in human behaviors grew she toyed with the idea of returning to school to pursue a second degree in psychology, but was spending all of her free time writing and reading and realized her true passion was for literature, so she returned to Iowa State University and obtained her bachelor's degree in English Literature. Since leaving Iowa State she has focused on beta reading, line editing, ghostwriting, and penning her own young adult fantasy fictions.
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Iowa State University, Bachelor of Arts
Des Moines, IA, USA|English

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